Our analysts cover a wide range of shares listed on the JSE, with daily and
weekly insights on companies and markets. Both our and the market views covered, assist investors to better understand the latest and most important financial and economic trends.

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Portfolio and share management insights

Our research is only available to clients and is accessed via the trading platform. However, you may view some examples of our newsletters and reports by clicking the links below.

Daily Morning Bell

Issued every morning and provides clients with an overview of the direction in which the prices appear to be moving today. We analyse developments in the financial markets, investigate the latest company releases and analyse the stock.

Broking Weekly

This publication is sent every Tuesday to clients and provides in-depth research on a stock and in-depth technical analysis for our clients to have better views on a particular stock or indexes.

Monthly Market Review

A look back on markets at the end of each month to update recommendations made during the month and provide technical analysis as to what has transpired in the markets for the month in subject.

Technical analysis tutorials

Types of charts

Basic concepts of trend

Essentials of technical analysis

Types of trends in the market

The second most important data point

How to invest with us

We believe your investment decisions are important and shouldn't be made without expert advice. For this reason, we provide expert insights to all our clients and the option of full-service stockbroking.

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